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Personal Trainer Spokane Valley


Spokane Valley, WA


Full Time

The 3 things you need to be a great personal trainer........... a strong work ethic, a great personality, and a desire to help people. As long as you have those 3 things, we can help you with the rest!

A Müv Fitness personal trainer is the key to a member's success in the gym. Our trainers must have a heart for people and be able to connect with all walks of life. Trainers provide quality personal training services to all Müv Fitness members and guests. Unlike other gyms, all of our members are treated as "paying customers," whether they purchase personal training or not.

All members receive quality workouts and workout upgrades on a monthly basis. Our trainers must be able to:

  • Multi-task
  • Promote themselves and the gym
  • Follow systems and procedures
  • Inspire and motivate all Müv Fitness members

Our aggressive compensation plan allows our trainers to earn incomes far above industry standards. Trainers touch lives each and every day. A Müv Fitness trainer must love being in the gym and exude the fitness lifestyle.

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